Mrs Paula Ross

Head Teacher

Overall Responsibility for all Children in School and ELC Operations Manager for School and ELC Strategic Lead for School and ELC Improvement Child Protection Coordinator Professional Learning Coordinator Restorative Practice Pupil Council Promoting Positive Relationships School Improvement Team Designated Senior Manager for Care Experienced Children

Mrs Hazel McCallum

Depute Head Teacher

Pastoral Care for Children in Supported Classes Health and Wellbeing Promoting Positive Relationships and Understanding Distressed Behaviour Making Rights Real Residential Trips Inclusion and Equity After School Clubs/Events Equity Lead Communication/Makaton

Mrs Ruth Bradshaw

Depute Head Teacher

Pastoral Care for N4, N5, P1, P2 and P3 Early Learning and Childcare Early Learning and Childcare ASN Modern Languages ICT Glow National Standardised Assessments for Scotland Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning Froebel Read with the ROMPS Royal Readers Makaton Communication Friendly Environment NQT Mentor School Website Social Media Media Correspondent Data Protection Officer STAR Group Bereavement Counselling Wider Achievements

Mrs Natalie Allan

Depute Head Teacher

Pastoral Care for P4, P5, P6 and P7 Literacy and English Reading Schools ICT/Technologies Digital Schools House System Attachment Ambassador Lead Yearbook Committee Enterprise Makaton Masters Skills for Learning, Life and Work Assessment and Moderation Coordinator Tapestry Leader Counselling

Mr Fraser Dickson

Acting Depute Head Teacher

Children in our Supported Classes

Mrs Lesley Hamilton

Principal Teacher

Numeracy and Maths Social Subjects Cost of the School Day Participatory Budget Emotion Works Ambassador School Improvement Team Playground Buddies ECO

Mrs Katie Dixon

Class Teacher in Room 1 - On Maternity Leave

ECO Total Communication Environment Play Based Learning

Miss Meagan Caldwell

Class Teacher in Room 1

ECO Play Based Learning

Mrs Gillian McDowell

Class Teacher in Room 1

Nurture Attachment Health and Wellbeing Tracking and Monitoring of Attainment Champion RME

Mrs Gillian Picton

Class Teacher in Room 2

Play Based Learning

Mrs Kimberley Dobbin

Class Teacher

EIS Representative Sports Committee Nurture

Miss Asten Hill

Class Teacher in Room 3

Miss Rachael Ritchie

Class Teacher in Room 4a

JRSO Play Based Learning

Mrs Hazel Wishart

Class Teacher in Room 4a

Miss Victoria Ruthven

Class Teacher in Room 5

Children’s Mental Health

Mrs Nicola Small

Class Teacher in Room 6

Mrs Gemma Gilhaney

Class Teacher in Room 7

Nurture Attachment Ambassador

Mrs Sheila McCallum

Class Teacher in Room 9a

Sumdog Supervisor

Mrs Julie Hamilton

Class Teacher in Room 10

Communication Friendly Environment B-Squared Champion Lego Therapy Garden Developer

Mrs Jenny Hilton

Class Teachers in Room 11

Anti-Bullying Communication/Makaton

Mrs Louisa Morin

Area Cover Teacher (Currently teaching in Room 12)

Modern Languages Dance Festival

Miss Rachel Murphy

Class Teacher in Room 13

St Andrew’s Hospice Ambassadors STEM

Miss Lauren Ferguson

Class Teacher in Room 14

John Muir Award Makaton

Mrs Deanne McMaster

Support for Learning and Nurture Teacher

Nurture Attachment Ambassador Promoting Positive Relationships

Mrs Yvonne Jordan

CCC Teacher

Mrs Kimberley Paterson

Specialist Support Teacher

Mrs Janey Watt

Early Learning and Childcare Team Leader

Health and Wellbeing Forest Schools STAR Group Garden Gastro Gurus Woodwork Play Based Learning

Mrs Alison Logan

Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner

Butterfly Group Additional Support Needs Lead

Mrs Alison Kennedy

Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner

Snail Group STEM Froebel Play Based Learning

Mrs Stacey Miller

Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner

Dragonfly Group ECO Forest Schools

Mrs Michelle Gregg

Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner

Ladybird Group Reading Area LGBT Book Bug Play Based Learning

Miss Veronica Larkin

Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner

Mrs Audrey Moore

Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner

Caterpillar Group Froebel Modern Languages Woodwork

Miss Carra Irvine

Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner

STEM Play Based Learning

Mrs Kathleen Thomas

Early Years Support Worker

Mrs Alison Stevenson

Early Learning and Childcare Specialist Support Teacher

Mrs Angela Harper

School Support Assistant Team Leader

Parentsportal Period Poverty Co-ordinator

Mrs Susan Jackson

School Support Assistant

Forest Schools Bush Craft School’s Out Club Parent Pay

Mrs Una Doak

School Support Assistant

School Ethos Co-Ordinator

Mrs Susan Jopp

School Support Assistant

Forest Schools

Ms Brenda Ferguson

School Support Assistant

Forest Schools

Mrs Megan Clelland

School Support Assistant

Mr Matthew Gatenby

School Support Assistant

Ms Janette McCartney

School Support Assistant

Health and Safety Officer Unison Union Representative

Mrs Caroline Porter

School Support Assistant

Mrs Marian McCulloch

School Support Assistant

Nail Technology Masterclasses

Mrs Fiona Kelbie

School Support Assistant

Forest Schools

Mrs Catriona Deards

School Support Assistant

Mrs Louise Tough

School Support Assistant

Mrs Kelly Morens

School Support Assistant

Mrs Suzanne Marshall

School Support Assistant

Mrs Laura Hoey

School Support Assistant

Mr John Wilson


School Football Coach Technologies Technician

Miss Emma Lindsay

School Support Assistant

Mrs Linda Russell

Cook in Charge

Mrs Margaret Masters

Catering Assistant

Mrs Leanne Taggerty

Catering Assistant

Mrs Katie McCahon

Catering Assistant

Reverend Bryan Kerr

School Chaplain